Constructed language creation

Outside of the code world, my main hobbies and majors are linguistics and phonetics. I was trained as a linguist and phonetician at René Descartes University of Paris V. The main specialty is constructed language creation.

I have in-depth research in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar of Chinese, Classical Chinese, French, 11th Century Old French, English, Old English, Middle English, German, Kogurt, Gaul, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Classical Latin, Finnish, Czech , Romanian, Mazal, Russian, Greek, Classical Greek, Irish, Basque, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Berber, Hebrew, Tseltal, Nahuatl and Proto-Indo- European, which includes 7 kinds of Romance language, 5 Germanic languages, 3 German language languages, 2 Greek Greek languages, 2 Celtic languages, 2 Finland-Ugol language, 2 Slavic languages, 2 Sino-Tibetan languages, 2 Altaic languages, 1 ancient Siberian language, 1 Mayan language, 1 Aztec language and many original language combinations.

I have created more than a dozen fantasy languages and words.

This project is an archive of some of my work in 2011.

Undertake the constructed language design needed in novels, movies, TV series and other works.

Description of my theory of language creation


1 Phonology

2 Concept of Ethnolinguistics

3 Dictionnary

4 Grammar

5 The translation of Babel text

Old manuscript of 2011




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